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Site Last Updated on Jan 12th of 2021.

Welcome to the x86 DOS and GEM section of my site. This is a small little subsection for things related to DOS and DR-GEM on Intel 80x86 based 'DOS Compatible' computers and emulators.

Most of my use of DOS has been inside of Emulators, starting in the late 1980s and continuing to today. First using an emulator on an Atari ST, then on RISC OS on the Acorn Archimedes using PCEm, and now on RISC OS using !FastDosBox.

The only DOS based Windowing System that I ever heavily used is DR-GEM (from Digital Research). I continue to use DR-GEM on DOS. I think that I was attracted to GEM do to my experience with the Atari ST/STE at the time, either that or just that I really did not like MS-Windows (still do not like that one).

GEM is fairly easy to program for using existing DOS programming tools, as a GEM '.APP' program is just a DOS EXE that makes software inturupt calls to the GEM VDI and AES to call its functions. This makes it possible ot use any compiled DOS based programming language that allows you to make inturrupt calls directly (which is most compiled languages on DOS). There will end up being a good deal more on this topic in the 'Tutorial' and 'DOCS' sections of this subsite, as the site grows.

NOTE: This site is a subsite of my main site. The main site is dedicated to what I do with RISC OS, which is my main OS. To return to the RISC OS main site please CLICK HERE.