Nov 10th 2022 : Done Ranting.

No more rants. This section of my site is no more. No more news, no more Rants. I would rather just add to the site in productive ways than to continue to add useless rants.

I am adding this single entry in the news / rant page for the benefit of any persons that may have links to this page in there bookmarks/hotlist or in there site.

I am greatly simplifying the entire site to just focus on things that may be of aid to other RISC OS users as well as Atari ST/TT/Falcon users (and users of other TOS compatible Computers running a version of TOS). Getting rid of the RANTS / NEWS pages is part of this simplification.

The news section link at the top of each page will be removed in about a month (so everyone has a chance to see this single entry), and replaced with something different. This page will remain only to satisfy links.

As always the main focus of this site will be RISC OS, even without any news page. Beyond that there will be a little bit about general programming as well as some Atari TOS and compatible stuff on the side.

CHANGES TO THIS SITE will include:

  • No more RANTS / NEWS page.
  • Larger font with fixed width as standard.
  • Fixed width tables to hold all site content.
  • Less useless information.
  • Simpler layout, easier to navigate and easier to update.
  • An attempt to actually provide some useful content.
  • The time to look at less known algorithms to help others.
  • More focus on BASIC V.
  • Less worry about what is released.
  • Some useful information for Atari TOS and compatible.
  • Less useless information in documents (though a few things will remain as I feel they are important enough).
  • Focus on having fun.
  • Hopefully share more of what can be of use to others.
  • Perhaps learn more on using C in RISC OS (an area that has always been a bit of trouble for me).
  • Just KISS and have fun overall.
  • Show that C is not the only language for Atari TOS systems (though C is definitely the easiest for them).
  • Provide some reasonable alternatives that may be of use to some RISC OS users, and some that may be welcomed by some Atari TOS users.
  • Hopefully help to bring back more of the Hacker/User thinking, at least for some people.
  • This page will remain, even after it is no more in the heading links. It will find a small mention in the documents page.

For any that would like to know what lead up to these changes: I think I am just more focused after my second stroke (that happened on September 23rd of 2022). The first stroke (2015) just scared me and did not help. The second one has me quite more focused on sharing some of what I know, and trying to learn more of what may be helpful.

YASDOE is on an FTP that seems to be having plenty of downloads, so I will remove any reference to that from this site.

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