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Page last updated on Apr 10th of 2021
Apr 10th of 2021 : In Silence
Situations in my home country make it so that all the positive people are choosing to go silent to the online world except as needed to educate where possible.

In honor of helping all whome wish to bring back a positive lifestyle that is of benifit to all people of the nation of which I live I will be off line for a while. The exact period of time is up in the air, though a reasonable estimate is 4 years approximately, given likely situations. If things go the wrong way it may be a good deal longer.

Unfortunately the nation in which I live is falling in the footsteps of Socialist Absolutist governments of the past and present. To the point of making the same exact decisions as those that came before in the same order, in the restriction of the abilities of the people of the nation. Though in one way they have moved differently, in that they have succeded in miss-educating the mass majority of an entire generation of people in this nation so that they will likely go along with the destruction. I will not stand by and just watch as my nation is turned into a comunist absolute socicialist sociaty, 90% of the wars in which we did fight were to prevent the spread of this oppressive style of government, so to see this nation piss on the graves of every one that faught to keep socialist sociaties at bay is a huge dissapointment.

I am not going to get too much into this issue on this site, as it is not an appropriate forum for such things.

So long as I still have access to this site when I return to online activities, I will have a lot to upload at that time. As I am working on a few rather large projects, which I will continue to work on even while comm silence is needed to aid in assuring a better future if at all possible.

I hope to see everyone in the nearish future, be well and do well. This week I will finish my online purchases then completely cut Internet, Cellular, land line, and non-licensed radio comms (only using licensed radio comms).

Mar 12th of 2021 : Going more in.
Thanks to unexpected help, I am once again running GS/OS on the Apple IIgs and Amiga OS on an Amiga 1200 system. This means that some projects (incuding those targetting RISC OS) will be able to get completed better and with less time while keeping to my 24 step process. This because of the use of GSoftBASIC and Complete Pascal on the IIgs for the interpreted development part, as well as the AmigaBASIC compatible compilers on the Amiga. As such for many applications they will be created for all three systems, and take much less time to reach completion.

I am very much happy about being able to improve the cycle so much thanks to some simple aid from a friend.

Now we just need a BBC BASIC V compatible interpreter for the Apple IIgs running GS/OS :) .

Mar 10th of 2021 : A way forward.
The release schedule is planned in the following form (at least until I get past the completion of the two tutorials):
  1. Create a good step for the BASIC WIMP Prog tutorial..
  2. Get a program correctly written and tested.
  3. Create a good step in ASM Lang WIMP Prog Tutorial.
  4. Get another program correctly written and tested..
  5. Go through the update process on a program that has been released.
  6. Release all 4 new releases, and the updated release; Repeat from step 1.
Sorry I can not do the poor software stuff, I can not force my self not to test well. So anyone interested in my releases will have to wait for them to reach the release phase.

When I write programs or modules or libraries I follow this very simple 24 step process:
  1. Outline Concept, and determine if it should be more than one program or not.
  2. Top down design of how to break down the program into source modules, and further into functions.
  3. Determine the data ellements needed for the program.
  4. If possible, prototype the program in Interpreted BASIC, module testing each step of the way.
  5. Perform more complete module testing on initial version.
  6. If target not Interpreted BASIC, rewrite in Compiled Language, module testing each step of the way.
  7. Perform more complete module and integration testing.
  8. Refine to reduce code complexity and improve the UI.
  9. Ground up rewrite in final target language (often Assembly, Compiled BASIC, or Crunched Interpreted BASIC, on occasion C). Module test every small step along the way.
  10. Check repeatedly to make sure that no code path can be found that allows for a memory leak.
  11. Check very well against potential sources of bounds checking errors.
  12. Check all code, assuring that it is well structured.
  13. Check all code for any obvious loop inefficiencies, and attempt to optimize any found.
  14. Check for any bounds related errors, and correct if found.
  15. Test everything at function/procedure, module, and full project levels again, attempting to fix any errors / bugs found.
  16. Again check for potential sources of unballanced memory allocation that could cause memory leaks.
  17. Look for speed bottlenecks, and if appropriate optimize slow spots.
  18. Assure that the program frequently Polls, providing time for everything else (if this applies to the program).
  19. Repeat all testing again.
  20. Beta version. If outside testers use feedback in finding any bugs in the program, and also listen to notes of usability for note in future versions.
  21. Reduce memory, disk space, and other resource usage as much as possible.
  22. Once no more bug reports on beta version, RELEASE current version.
  23. In moving forward be careful not to allow for feature creap to reach a point where a seperate program makes a better solution.
  24. As long as program is maintained repeat steps 10 through 24 for each minor version (eg version 0.01 to version 0.02, or 0.03 to version 0.04, etc)
In the above you can replace the word program and similar with module, library, or whatever type of project it is that is being written.

Feb 8th of 2021 : Site Redo / Cleanup
Rather than attempt to maintain multiple subsites for different systems, I am merging to one site, with a focus on the three systems that I actually code for still.

The GEM based stuff (x86 and Atari) is only to provide a port from source, and nothing I really do much with in a long time. So those sub sites and there content is gone. I am still working on the RiscAri library to aid in porting Atari GEM programs to RISC OS, though that is it.

Now this site is dedicated to having fun, and whatever I come up with in RISC OS, Apple IIgs (GS/OS) and Commodore 128 systems. This includes stuff running on bare HW for the Apple and CBM systems, and may from time to time trip across GEOS for the fun of it. Though RISC OS and GS/OS are my primary targets in most cases, the 128 is a for fun toy (I only use VIC II video on it, so nothing fancier than the 64 there).

Jan 20th of 2021 : RISCAri Modules Update. [Updated Jan 23rd 2021]
Updated to be more of the progress news, and less off topic rambling.
Progress Continues. I am getting closer on RiscAri modules are progressing quite well, and will make for much more useful software on all three of the OSes that are the primary targets of my play.

While not quite far enough to post up yet, as no complete GEM program yet runs on it, the system is making enough progress that it is worth an update anouncement. I am seeing a lot of potential, well beyond the original intent for RISC OS programs that use it. Though I am doing well at keeping the level of relitive functionality for the two versions at the same level.

The Atari version is also showing some helpful potential. This is the version that runs on Atari 68k and compatible systems running TOS or compatible OS, and provides a partial RISC OS API (for porting RISC OS apps to Atari).

The API has been well defined at this point, and definitely eases porting both directions. It is still not enough to run a significant GEM application, though that is coming.

Do to the fact that another project has evolved in spec to replace the RISC OS Window Manager to at least a usable point, I am doing some parallel work with that project to improve the results when both sets of modules are used togather. Though I am taking care to be sure that the two projects can be used independantly of each other as well.

For being complete, the x86 DOS+GEM version is lagging behind the other two, though is comming along none the less. This could at last make a usable System with an Intel 80x86 compatible CPU (or emulation thereof) and using segmented memory models (also playing in 16-bit PMODE), that really would be a first.

Do to the fact that I am about proving the ability of BASIC V, on RISC OS much of the translation stuff is written in BASIC, most of the memory fiddling stuff is in Assembly, and of course the CPU emulation is in Assembly. I am using !ABC to compile modules that handle SWI calls for a large part of the package. As the slow spots show themselves, routines will be redone in Assembly. On the ST and DOS targets most of the API translation is in C, with Assembly for memory fiddling and similar intensive operations.

Jan 12th of 2021 : Blank Entry
Just a blank look.