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Just an explination of site change, and getting rid of the NEWS & RANT page, otherwise.

LAST ENTRY EVER (Nov, 10th, 2022):

Updated on Nov, 30th, 2022:

No more rants. This section of my site is no more. No more news, no more Rants. I would rather just add to the site in productive ways than to continue to add useless rants.

I am greatly simplifying the entire site to just focus on things that may be of aid to other RISC OS users as well as true Amiga 680x0 systems (ahead of any other 680x0, proven to persist, and great OS). Getting rid of the RANTS / NEWS pages is part of this simplification.

The news section link at the top of each page will be removed in about a month (so everyone has a chance to see this single entry), and replaced with something different. This page will remain only to satisfy links.

As always the main focus of this site will be RISC OS, even without any news page. Beyond that there will be a little bit about general programming as well as some Amiga 680x0 compatible stuff on the side.

CHANGES TO THIS SITE will include:

AMIGA NOTE: Some may note that I had mentioned a different 680x0 computer before. I realize that I know more about the Amiga Computers and OS than any other 680x0 computer around. That and the Amiga OS is still small enough and well enough designed to be completely understandable to a single person (kind of like RISC OS). The Amiga is without question a computer that was way ahead of its time in many different ways.

It is also important to note that other than RISC OS I use almost exclusively Amiga OS (1.3 and 3.1). I am looking forward to one day having the money to buy a Vampire Standalone 68080 system with Amiga OS 3.2, as this is the ultimate true Amiga system today. Someday a better Amiga system will come to be, and I look forward to this day. As it stands I run RISC OS and Amibian on a Raspberry Pi desktop computer, and Amiga OS on an Amiga 1200 (as well as on an Amiga 3000(for Amiga OS 1.3.4)).

For any that would like to know what lead up to these changes: I think I am just more focused after my second stroke (that happened on September 23rd of 2022). The first stroke (2015) just scared me and did not help. The second one has me quite more focused on sharing some of what I know, and trying to learn more of what may be helpful.

RISC OS Note: Like most that use RISC OS, I find this to be the most productive OS overall that I have ever used. It is a true great among Operating Systems on the ARM. Then there is the ease in programming for RISC OS in assembly (second only to Amiga 68K assembly) as well as in BASIC V (second only to ACE BASIC on the Amiga). Yes the Amiga has more modern Web Browsers than RISC OS, though RISC OS does well in this area. RISC OS is also unique in the USA as being the first high end (for the time) OS to be available on a high end (for the time) RISC based Desktop Workstation.

YASDOE is on an FTP that seems to be having plenty of downloads, so I will remove any reference to that from this site. I continue to work on YASDOE, as everyone seems to have found the FTP site I will continue to upload updates to both YASDOE**.**.zip and YASDOC**.**.ZIP (the **.** is replaced with release version number)

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