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Jan 6th 2019:
Last night I began to write a series of tutorials on how to write a simple recursive decent compiler with some optimisation in code generation. This series will produce a compiler that will compile a decent subset of the BBC BASIC V language, and will use the tokenized BASIC source as its input.

The goals are to teach a simple method of writing a compiler while also producing an open source BASIC V compiler for RISC OS that produces decent code, and can be used for advanced projects.

For more information keep an eye on the Tutorials page.
Jan 3RD 2019:
First Tut up:

The first of my tutorials is available for downloading from the Tutorials page.
Jan 3RD 2019:
Site Redesign Part 2:

Today I have uploaded the newly redesigned site. I hope that it is usable enough to everyone. I did run out of time this morning before getting the tutorial documentation finished, zipping the tutorials, and adding them, so they are delayed for a few hours.
Jan 1st 2019:
Site Redesign:

I have redesigned my site, I am hoping that a simpler layout of the pages will encourage me to be a bit better about updating my site, and possibly even allow me to feel a bit better about releasing some more crude software of the kind I tend to write.