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About Me
Everyone seems to think it is important to talk about themselves on there website, giving a sort of mini sumation autobiogrophy. I do not see the need for such things, though I have agreed to have one on my site for the time being. I have muted the colors of this page as I do not wish to yell about myself, after all I am just another person living on planet Terra.
I was born in 1978, and given the name of David Cagle. I grew up like many others around me, surounded by computers, learning to type simple commands before I knew the names of the letters, let alone how to spell.
I played with a number of comuters through the 1980's and 1990's. Though I pretty much stick with RISC OS ever since a friend of the family gave me my first Acorn Archimedes (running Arthur OS) when I was 10 years old. I had fallen in love with the eloquent ISA of the ARM CPU, and the beutifull archetechure of Arthur OS (later RISC OS) within the first couple of years of writing programs for it.

I am told that the group of kids that grew up with RISC OS in the United States (including myself) were an exception to the rule over here. Aparently outside of the few dozen of us RISC OS never really caught on in the states for home use (though it did have a significant market in broadcast quality video editing with the RiscPC in the states).

Whent to university starting a bit younger than most of my friends, finnished that up (do not talk about that, as I do not like the title that goes with it). Majored in Computer Sciences.

I have owned and written programs for a number of RISC OS based computers, as well as others that should never be (and a few that should have survived though are fading more than RISC OS).

I currently use a Raspberry Pi 3B+ as my primary computer, running RISC OS 5.26. For secondaries I have 1 Raspberry Pi 3B, 5 Raspberry B+'s, and 2 Raspberry Pi B's.

I still mostly play in ARM Assembly Language and BBC BASIC V. Every once in a rare while I write a few lines of C, though not nearly as much as I did when I was a kid, before I learned ARM Assembly Language.