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This page contains files to download. Most of these are programs for RISC OS or Macintosh System Software, most written in either Assembly Language or BASIC. There are also a few things from other people, that are free to distribute (or some GPL, so allowed to distribute though a bit restricted license).

Old Play Stuff:

Here are the programs that I already had here before Sept 23 2022. These are all for RISC OS and are in ArcFS archives.

  • GfxBas/arc: Little toy programs in BBC BASIC V for RISC OS. Mostly written while demonstrating an algorithm or concept to someone in an easy to understand way. Most of this was so the student would understand it well enough to re-implement it in Assembly Language (excepting the Mandelbrot, that was just for fun (and meant to be slow)).
  • TinyWimp/arc: Simple little demonstration of writting a complete and correct RISC OS Multitasking program with a window in 300 bytes of code.
Some Programs:

In this section you find my released RISC OS and Macintosh System Software programs. Everything in this section was started after my stroke of September 23rd 2022. Unfortunately I lost more memory than I wish to admit on that day, so most of my old projects will take a good while to get back to (if I ever do). I did not get back to coding until November 30th 2022, so everything here I began to write on or after November 30th 2022.

Other things:

Any downloads that do not fit in the other sections go here.

From Other People:

I keep a copy of some free software from others that is useful. Some Open Source, some free to use, some Public Domain, and some kind of free to use though under the Restricted GPL license, etc.

  • ExtAsm/arc: A fairly decent ARM assembler for RISC OS, released under the GPL.
  • ExtAOF/arc: Companion program for ExtAsm to help create AOF files for linking into other projects.

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