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Page last updated on Feb 8th of 2021.
RISC OS Downloads:
Most of it is by me, though there are a couple of entries of tools by others, so as to be certain they are available on the net.

I must apologise for it being as slow going at getting stuff up. I get sidetracked perhaps too easily.

The software for download here, some of which is for RISC OS, some for the Apple IIgs, and some for the C128. I intend to split this up into three pages soon, so as to simplify the layout.

Most of the RISC OS stuff here is archived with ArcFS from The ARM Club


Just setting up the section for the download page. I may be making some super simple games, so will need a place for them. And as we all know on any system, be it at the office, home, school, or shop, be it for work, study, control, or play GAMES always are the most important programs on the computer :) . Games are after all what sale most computers (even if the person may never admit it). Thus GAMES must be the first section.

Games is one area that will be slow in updating. I have a tendancy to push for a little better in a near endless loop when writing games, so I have to teach myself to allow games to be released once playable enough.

A few little Graphics Toy Programs. Very simple little toys in BASIC.
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This is a small application, in assembly. It just opens a window, and multitask until the window is closed, then it quits cleanly. Intended as an example for writing a small multitasking program, the !RunImage is 300 bytes in size. Smaller is possible, though this does everything the correct way.
This program will run on any version RISC OS from 2.0 to 5.29 and up.

Cross system, Atari, stuff for RISC OS:

An Atari TOS and GEM Compatibility Layer for RISC OS. To ease porting of Atari Programs, and more.
This is an ongoing WIP, downloads will be added as parts become useful.
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Simple Window Manager.
This is more than originally intended, and taking longer as a result.
I appologize about the delays.
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Tools By Others:


This is an excellent Assembler for RISC OS.  I can not type some of the Authors names, sorry about that.   I added the license Copying file, according to the license that the Authors say it is released under, same for AOF.   Also is AOF which allows for making AOF files for use with other compilers and linkers.