The Path Forward.

The Path Forward :

I have been working on a plan for how to move forward, focusing only on a few projects at a time. This is so that some of the projects can reach usable states.

There will be three streams of projects, plus the hidden fourth of fixing bugs, and updating already released stuff. As such I will provide the way forward for each of the three streams of projects, each in a seperate list. These lists are such that the top item is what is being worked on, the next item is what will replace its time of my attention, and so on.

First Stream of Projects:

  • Get MSysLib completed, and released.
  • Finish up RISC-Ari to a release version (really big one).
  • Write ARM Asm and BBC BASIC tutorials for RISC-Ari.
  • Write RISC OS targetting games in BBC BASIC.

Second Stream of Projects:

  • Write Assembly Language Tutorials.
  • Write BBC BASIC Programming tutorials.
  • Write some sample programs for RISC-Ari.
  • Give examples of RISC OS Code in BBC BASIC.

Third Stream of Projects:

  • Get the code of BasC and PasC cleaned up and documented so others can work on them.
  • Work on my C compiler (debating changing the name).
  • Write front end tools for compilers, along the lines of those known in the Atari world from compilers like AHCC.
  • Write (or if possible port) a BBC BASIC V compatible interpreter for use on RISC-Ari natively (without needing RISC OS).

The reason for the focus on projects around RISC-Ari is that this will give us a boost in available software (both ported to ARM, and running on the RISC-Ari 68010 emulation core). It is also likely to begin to attract Atari programmers to look at RISC OS, thus giving us a potential huge boost in programmers that are users of our OS.

Further into the future there is also some thought on how to write a more Atari like desktop, while maintaining the advantages of RISC OS. This to help Atari transplants to RISC OS feel more at home on our OS.

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