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RISC OS Programming Tutorials:

This section will link to pages that contain various tutorials on programming in and for RISC OS. These will range from beginers to advanced level tutorials. Those sections that are not yet on the site will be listed, though will not have a link to follow.

  • BASIC WIMP Programming : A quick 32 part tutorial on writing WIMP programs for RISC OS in BBC BASIC V.
  • BASIC Improved : Tips, tricks, and optimizations for BASIC programmers.

  • Know thy Algorithms : Correct choice of algorithm, and correct implementation of the algorithm are the best optimizations you can do.
  • Keep it Out of the Loop : Anything that is invariant across itterations of a loop should be done outside the loop.
  • More Optimal C Coding : Some tips for more optimal C.
  • Optimizing BASIC V : Some tips for optimizing BASIC V Code.
  • A little bit on optimizing ARM Assembly : For those that enjoy this kind of thing, or are writing a compiler.


Of course we must do something about graphics programming! What fun would it be to get going without faster graphics?

  • Asm GFX : Some fast 2D graphics algorithms, presented as descriptions, Pseudo-Code, and ARM Assembly Language.
  • VFP: Learning to write code to take advantage of VFP hardware Floating Point and SIMD operations on ARMv6 and newer CPUs running RISC OS. This is as much for myself as for others, as I have finally decided to play with VFP, see where it is better than using optimized Fixed Point math routines. While I have played with VFP a little in the past, I never realy dug in and focused on it. This is a teach as I learn section.


"Know Thy Algorithm". The Optimization advice would mean little if you do not have any way to learn the algorithms, as well as methods to help develop your own algorithms. This section will end up having information on commonly used algorithms, as well as information on where to find more information on good algorithms.

A New OS?

Herein I wish to provide my thoughts, ideas, and other information that may help someone in there experimenting with implementing an OS with RISC OS like features, or may be attempting to add to RISC OS in a way that drives us forward.

Long Term Computing and Related:

A look at the long term usage of computer systems. This is both in the context of retrocomputing as well as looking at the design of future systems to be usable for extremely long periods without or with minimal maintainence. As to retrocomputing, it is better that we continue to put older computers to use than have most of the material end up in landfils (as happens with tech-recyclers in the end). As to extreme long term usability, looking at designing computers that can last long enough to provide for multi-century use in situations where upgrading is not an option (like deep space travel, off world colonization, etc), as well as to reduce the waste generated here on space ship earth.


RISC OS related that does not fit elsewhere.

Other Stuff:

This section will link documents I write that do not fit into other catagories on this page. Some of these are point of view type things, some are comparisons, etc.

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