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This is my blog, just a place for me to go on about whatever I feel like, usually related to RISC OS and programming, sometimes other CS related stuff, and sometimes just a bit of a rant.

This blog is done in hand edited HTML using !Zap on RISC OS. There is no fancy blog engine being used. In other words this blog is done the correct way :) .
NOVEMBER 16th 2018 @ 3:00AM  The Joys of 3D.
I am working on a simple software rendered 3D engine, with the goal of implementing a simple though user friendly slicer to create gcode for 3D printing from STL files. It works out that this kind of 3D engine is a lot simpler than ever expected, not as easy as a raytracer, though still very easy.

This shows a lot of how fast modern systems are, I remember when we had to use every dirty trick in the book to get a software rendered 3D engine to be usably fast, and now it is very easy to implement one without any dirty tricks at all.
NOVEMBER 15th 2018 @ 3:30Pm  Not Liking ARMv8
One thing that keeps bugging me about using the Raspberry Pi 3B is the core tempurature being so high, when running one underclocked ARM Core, and barely touching the GPU (I am running RISC OS). The energy density must be quite high for that to be the case. That kind of turns me off to the BCM2837, and I am not sure if I would be willing to try another ARMv8 board.

Then there is the software incompatibility, which is not that big of a thing, as I still use a lot of 26-bit R15 stuff which requires some form of emulation to run anyway. Though combining the two issues is a bit much for me. I am going to be unplugging my Raspberry Pi 3B after I finish posting this message, and replacing it with an extra Raspberry Pi B+ (BCM2835 based, ARMv6).

EDIT November 16th 2018:
I am using the RPi 3B again for RISC OS. I have decided not to worry so much about the thermal density, as it is important to show the usefulness of RISC OS on as many ARM based systems as possible.
NOVEMBER 15th 2018 @ 12:30Pm  I am Back
I am back in contact. Looking forward to sharing. I should be updating this site a little at a time for the next few days.

I was out of contact do to having some medical issues, so now I have recovered enough that I am back.
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