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YASDOE Yet Another Simple Desktop Operating Environment .

YASDOE is an Operating System Project, 10 years in the making that has become three Operating Systems based on a single Microkernel (ALiMiKern (Another Little MicroKernel).

This is the home page of the soon to be released YASDOE Project Operating Systems for ARM Based computers. The initial version to be released is hosted on RISC OS.

No longer will there be a timeframe quoted for anything, I am a programmer and thus terrible about getting timeframes anywhere near correct.


This section is coming soon (hopefully).

Screen Shots:

A picture is worth a thousand words, and screenshots of a Desktop Environment on a Windowing System can speak volumes, thus herein we look at some screenshots of the YASDOE Desktop (with default themes for now):

For Developers & Programmers:

Hopefully the delays will end soon, so you can start developing for the YASDOE Project OS's before you get them.