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MSysLib is a simple set of bindings for making RISC OS system / SWI calls from C. MSysLib is written in 32/26bit neutral Assembly, and released under the MIT license.

This is based on the bindings I worte for personal usage. For release I am cleaning them up, better commenting them, fully documenting them, and making sure that all the headers are in order.

There are also items I never implemented as I do not ordinarily use them. These things must be added to the appropriate sections as I go.

Testing is limited, as I can not possibly anticipate every usage case. Though I am writing test code as I go to try to make sure that at least the bindings work in the common usage cases.

I intend to start with releasing the Wimp_ and OS_SpriteOp bindings. Shortly thereafter I intend to release the bindings for OS_Plot, then work from there until a fairly complete set of bindings for RISC OS programmers is included in MSysLib.

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