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Graphics Toys in BASIC:

Some simple graphics toys, very small progs that do not do much.
All are written in BBC BASIC, to spend a few minutes here or there.
Some may be fun for someone, or may even show useful examples.
Click icon on left to download. Use ArcFS to extract.

These are just a few BASIC programs that are little more than graphics toys or demonstrations of how to do some simple things. The current list is:
  • Circle: Shows how to implement the MidPoint Circle drawing algorithm.
  • Circle0: Another show of the MidPoint algorithm.
  • Mandel: Another Mandelbrot plotter.
  • PlayShow: A little animated lines with horrid sound.
  • PlayShow0: A better animated lines, better ani and better sound.
  • SinHat: Yet another point wise SinHat function plotter.
  • WheelToy: Points around a circle, all connected by lines to all others.
This is one package that will be added to over time. I tend to write little sillies like these when waiting for something.