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Site last updated on Jan 18th of 2021.
Welcome to the Atari section of my site. Herein will be the things related to Atari ST/STE/TT and compatible computers. There will be a primary focus on programming for TOS+GEM and things thereby related.

This site is very new, and as such has very little content so far. Given time this site should evolve into something useful to at least some people.

Outside of RISC OS, Atari TOS+GEM is my second most used OS of all time. From an Atari 1040 STE and up I have used this OS more than anything else except for RISC OS.
NOTE ON COLORS: The choice of color scheme is do to wanting a color scheme that fits with the topic, and not much liking the default green of the ST/STE desktop background. So the blues chosen are shades based on the blue default background color (that is given by just changing the green to blue). Instead of giving white and blue mixed pattern, I used a color that resembles the mixed color of the two patterns, as the text area bright background, all other blues are based off of that one.