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Site last updated on Jan 18th of 2021.
Welcome to My RISC OS Related Site.
In Part Dedicated to the ongoing use of 32-Bit ARM and RISC OS.

Note that this site is still in its infancy, only being actively updated from December of 2020 on, it has a long way to go before it has significant content. This introduction is a bit wordy, so eventually it may be made more concise, I hope.
This site is largely dedicated to RISC OS, and the things I write related to RISC OS. In RISC OS I mostly play in BBC BASIC V, with some assembly on the side.

There is a subsite for MS/DR-DOS and GEM on x86 here:
DOS and GEM Programing Fun : HOME

A subsite for Atari TOS and GEM programming and fun:
Atari TOS+GEM Programming Fun : HOME

It is possible that the DOS and GEM subsite may be the least updated, as there is already a wealth of information on the topic of realmode 80x86 and DOS programming all over the net, to an extreme some would say.

There is the possibility of also adding a section related to the Apple II series and programming for it. Though this is just a maybe at this time. If this comes to be added it will focus on programming for the Apple IIgs. The Apple IIgs is a computer that I did not get into until the late 1990's, though it definitely sparked a bit of an interest for me. It would be nice if my 65816 emulator gets far enough to start adding emulation of some of the IIgs HW, maybe even enough to run GS/OS eventually. Programming on the IIgs for me is in AppleSoft BASIC, GSoft BASIC, 65816 Assembly, and TML Pascal.
I should also note that I did use earlier Apple II series computers in the mid 1980s, thus giving me a little familiarity with the series long before I started playing with the Apple IIgs. My first 5 computers were either Commodore 8-bitters or Apple II series machines (CBM VIC-20, Apple II+, Commodore 64, Apple IIe, Commodore 128D, these were the 8-bitters of my beginning).
In all the topics of this site I will be providing some documentation, as well as some downloads, even if mostly simple stuff. This may or may not be useful to others, if it is useful to you please use it.
There will also be a few documents related to CPU design, some of these will also apply to other digital electronics, though primarily the focus will be the design and implementation of SuperScalar CPU's using a fan-in pipeline with up to 4 execution units. While CPU ISAs like that of the M680x0 can benifit from this method of SuperScalar implementation, the CPU ISA that has the greatest potential gain of those in common use is the ARM 32-bit ISA.