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Welcome to my simple site about RISC OS, ARM Assembly, BBC BASIC V, and 3D-Printing.
This site is a place for my RISC OS related stuff as well as 3D Printing releated things.

On RISC OSThis will include tutorials I write, any software I wish to be available to other RISC OS users, and just generally my RISC OS related stuff.

On 3D-Printing: This will include 3D models I create with a CAD program after they are test printed, information of what I learn about 3D Pringing as I go, and other releated things.

I am a bit slow about updating, so bear with me, as time goes this site will become complete.

About the Site Layout:

This site is divided into sections, accessible by the link bar near the top of the page.
The sections are:
  • Home: This page.
  • Reference: Where I will put various tutorials and references I write.
  • Blog: A simple blog. A place for me to say whatever it is I wish to say at the time.
  • Downloads: A place for the various utilities, tools, games, and other things available for Download from this site. Some by others, some by me.
  • Links: Links to other sites of interest.
Some of these sections may contain sub pages as needed. In that case there will be the navigation links in that section.

About Myself and Computer Programming:

I began as a young child with my first Commodore 64 (or was it a VIC-20) in 1981 or 82, and quickly learned BASIC on that. After that I was lucky enough to have a number of different systems, including various Atari and Amiga systems.

Once I had learned enough to understand it (I was a young child), I began playing with 6502 assembly language, then 68000 assembly language on these systems.

In 1988 or 89 (not sure, memory not good on years) a friend of the family gave my first Acorn Archimedes A310, it did not take long before I was hooked on Athur OS, BBC BASIC V, and ARM Assembly Language.

Not long after that the same friend of the family got me a newer Acorn that had RISC OS 2 on it, the same OS with cooperative multitasking. I have been using primarily RISC OS ever since.

In the years since then I have used many different systems, though always come home to RISC OS no matter what else I may be using. I have Amiga's, Atari ST/TT systems, Macintosh systems, etc, though none of these get nearly as much use as my Raspberry Pi 3B running RISC OS, before that a few other Raspberry Pi's, and before them a RISC PC running RISC OS.

I have had some recent medical problems, some of which have effected my memory and mind, so there are things that have slowed down for me. There are even many things I am having to relearn all over again. Thankfully assembly language, BBC BASIC V, and RISC OS still come natural to me, and HTML is easy enough.
These medical probablems are a big part of why I went so long without updating this site, for which I apologize.

This page created and maintained on RISC OS using !Zap.
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