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Site last updated on Feb 8th of 2021.
Welcome to My RISC OS Site with a side of Apple IIgs and CBM 128.

Note that this site is still in its infancy, only being actively updated from December of 2020 on, it has a long way to go before it has significant content.
On this site I focus on the use of the BASIC programming language for modern applications. For retrocomputing with the Commodore 128 and Apple IIgs I also do a lot of assembly, and some Pascal. There is also some Assembly in my RISC OS modern toys, as needed.
I am working on restructuring the site so that pages are given instead of full subsections. Also I am going to be changing some of the content, based on what I actually have.

In the rework I will not keep the DOS or Atari ST TOS sections. These are only useful as a source for porting from anymore, not even really great for retrocomputing. It should be noted that the RiscAri library is still a WIP, as it is useful for the porting of Atari TOS applications where they are more modern than what we have on RISC OS.

The site will have the current RISC OS content, plus more RISC OS content to come, as well as some Commodore 128 and 64 content (I still play with these systems enough), and some Apple II and Apple IIgs content, as I still code on these as well (well the IIgs, though still do some 8-bit Apple II stuff on that).

Most of the RISC OS code will be in BBC BASIC V, with occasional sprinkles of ARM Assembly as needed. Most of the Apple IIgs code will be in either Complete Pascal or GSoft BASIC, with some 65C816 assembly. Most of the Commodore 128 and 64 stuff will be in 6510/8510 Assembly (only really usable languge for the target).

Most of the code will be compiled / Assembled, with source provided in the downloads. Thus the BBC BASIC V will be the subset/superset handled by the !ABC Compiler. Also on the RISC OS side of things, there is still an effort towards a BBC BASIC compiler, which I am hoping someone produces a better one faster than me, it will be released once it is significantly better, and at least as complete as, !ABC, or when it is as complete as !ABC and another better option exists from another source. Also note that in extending BBC BASIC there is still debate on the best implementation of structured Data types, so this may one day make for incompatibilities between differing compilers/interpreters.
Also note that the documents, tutorials, and prog lang pages will be combined into just a Docs page.
Do to the fact that most of the references have dissapeared, I am going to redo and simplify the CPU Design and SuperScalar implementation stuff before posting it. I want it to be very simple and easy to understand by anyone that plays in electronics. Unfortunately it seems that I will still need to figure out a disclaimer for the design docs :( .
Do NOT expect anything anytime soon, I will get simulations and simplified documentation in sync and tested before it goes up. So the space is no longer reserved on the doc page, as it can easily be added when needed.